The Vision

That every woman will live to her full potential free of the bondage of self doubt, socially imposed stereotypes and pain of the past.  That she may take her place in the world contributing what only she can give.

Who is my Sister?

God put this on my heart about a year ago and it has changed the way I look at myself and other women.  I began to see every female as my sister.  I did not see them as rivals, superior or less than me.  That is not to say some were not smarter than me and I them. Some had achieved a level of success I wanted wanted to achieve.  Instead of wanting to be them and have what they had; I watched them, I asked to be mentored, I invited them to be a part of my life.  The more time I spent with women the stronger I became and the more in tune I was to how perfectly imperfect I was.

It is my prayer that this question will resonate with you and transform the way you look at yourself and interact with other women.

What is a Secrets of the Sistership “Secret”?

A “Secret” is an impactful and inspirational experience about a pivotal moment in your life.  That moment you realized you were holding yourself back from living life to your full potential and purpose. It is a thought provoking conversation, through story, to help the reader identify barriers that may have blocked their dreams or success.   Many times the barriers are feelings created by real or perceived events, socialization's and stereotypes.